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Most of you by now know a few of my favorite recipes, my love of country music, and passion for arts and crafts…but that’s only a very small part of my life these days! I thought it was about time to share what I spend 95% of my time doing…and that is my job at Hughes Marino!

Star at Hughes Marino

I am fortunate enough to work at my family’s business in commercial real estate where we represent tenants and users of space in their lease and purchase negotiations. We only represent tenants – and never landlords – which is pretty unique in this industry. Think of it this way…if you needed an attorney, would you hire the same attorney that’s representing your opponent? The same goes for commercial real estate. My dad built this company on the foundation that companies need expert, unbiased tenant-only representation – and we’re now the largest tenant representation company in San Diego.

I’m very lucky in that I can truly say I love what I do. I love the company I work for, the team that I’m a part of, and the mission that we’re advancing. It’s a wonderful thing.

I’ve now been working full-time at Hughes Marino since September of 2011 – about a year and a half – and boy how my lifestyle has changed! I love my 60 to 70 hour work weeks…but it definitely doesn’t leave me with as much time and energy to post recipes and craft ideas!

Those will be more sporadic in the future…and it is one of the reasons I’ve put blogging on hold for the past year or so…but I’ve decided now is a good time to blur the lines between my personal and professional life on this blog. I’m ready to share my adventures at work (as a young woman in a predominately male-dominated industry), my adventures in finding and maintaining balance in my life, the incredible experience of buying my first condo (and the fun decorating process ahead!), my attempts at brightening up the workplace with pink skirts and polka dot shirts, and much much more.

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit more about what I do!


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