summertime adventure

My family isn’t really one to do things the normal way. We like to be different. And as my brother likes to say, we like to live on the edge.

Which is why, this summer, we decided to plan a whirlwind ten-day trip to India, Nepal, Qatar, Greece, and England.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting all about my family’s experiences in each of these places – it was a random, humorous, and a little bit bizarre vacation, but absolutely amazing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to visit such incredible places, and I’d love to share them with you!

Now I am off to class for the night…summer school conveniently starts the night that we get home from our trip! Jetlagged? Very. Happy to sleep in my own bed? Words cannot describe it!

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  1. What an exciting trip, I cannot wait to hear more about it!!

  2. Been wondering where you were Star! I remember you were planning your trip but I can’t believe it came up so fast. How exciting for you all. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Glad you’re home, safe and sound.

    Anne x

  3. Ana says:

    That sounds like a true adventure! I can’t wait to read more about it!!!

  4. Julie says:

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! Can’t wait to see your photos!

  5. Jo-Anna says:

    Wow! Sounds like an amazing adventure! Can’t wait to see pictures!

  6. Sounds like so much fun, Star! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear about you adventures!

  7. holly says:

    how amazing! ive always been curious about nepal. cant wait to hear all about your trip.

  8. Oh wow, what and incredible opportunity! Kudos to your family for using vacations to REALLY see the world. 🙂

  9. birdie to be says:

    Sounds absolutely fabulous! I would love to travel to all of those places!

  10. Catherine says:

    What a fun trip! I’m excited to hear more about it.

  11. wow! i wish my family could afford a trip like that, we love to travel and have ALWAYS wanted to visit nepal. i’m excited to read more about the details.

  12. Tang says:

    Adorable blog! Wow I would love to go on a whirlwind trip like that! Can’t wait to hear about it. Those are amazing places I wouldn’t really put at the top of my list to see (except London), but maybe your stories will change my mind. 🙂

  13. Belinda says:

    Sounds fantastic!!! Can’t wait to here all about it!!

  14. Jennifer says:

    Oh, I’ve been dropping by your blog over the past week wondering where your travels had taken you after you mentioned you wouldn’t be in the country to use sparklers! Sounds fantastic and adventorous and how lucky you are to have a family all willing to do it all together:)

  15. Jean says:

    I’m a Scrabble fan, so I especially like how you used it to begin your summertime adventure, e.g. “Go Somewhere”… 🙂

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