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Spaces We Love: LEARN Academy’s Open and Collaborative Space

Since one of our Core Values at Hughes Marino is to pursue growth and learning, we love seeing this value in action, especially in workspaces and in classrooms! LEARN Academy’s space is no exception! LEARN Academy prepares students for the real-life aspects of a job in web development and ensures their students are supported and able to connect with future employers. Their space in the heart of downtown is modern and inspiring, and nurtures the next generation of web developers to engage in courses that help to make their visions and dreams a reality!

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Spaces We Love: SOCi’s Historic Yet Modern Workspace

Located in a historic building in the heart of downtown, SOCi’s workspace is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. When you first step foot from the city street into the traditional brick building, you would be surprised to find such a contemporary space! SOCi is a leading social and reputation management platform that helps multi-location businesses achieve success in social media marketing by reaching, engaging, and growing their online brand and social communities from corporate to the local business level. Their innovative space reflects their team perfectly!

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Spaces We Love: Antonyan Miranda LLP’s Colorful Downtown Office

Antonyan Miranda’s space located on a top floor of a high-rise in the heart of downtown is not only bright and eye-catching, but also modern and sleek! From the moment the elevator doors open to the vibrant artwork and beautiful views from the conference rooms and offices, you certainly don’t feel as though you’re in a law office!

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Spaces We Love: HBG Design’s Contemporary And Collaborative Workspace

HBG Design, a top 10 provider of architecture and interior design to the national hospitality and entertainment industry, is the perfect example of how a company can foster a culture of excellence and create a space perfect for their team to thrive. Their motto is Designing Experience, and their office definitely nails it!

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Spaces We Love: MindTouch’s Eclectic and Creative Space

The tech scene has continuously impressed us with trendy office spaces, and the MindTouch space is no exception. Their incredible, creative office space matches their equally imaginative platform as an iconic, customer-obsessed SaaS company founded by Steve Bjorg and Aaron Fulkerson.

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Leasing Office Space as a High-Growth Startup

In metros across the U.S., the next Salesforce, Google, and Facebook are expanding their business operations and planning strategically and tactically for their growth trajectory. While the growth is certainly extremely exciting for these upstart, high-flying innovation firms, the process of forecasting and mapping out their future growth can pose one of the biggest challenges: their office space. Historically, the office space world has not catered to high-growth startup firms–as most leases are for a minimum of 3 years (most common is 5), and office space is generally not a very liquid item on a firm’s financial statement! Because of this, company executives grapple with the unpredictability of their development and the necessity of protecting and maximizing growth possibilities.

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Spaces We Love: Bop Design’s Stylish and Bright Office

When walking around any bustling city, we notice the tall, concrete and glass buildings, but usually don’t get the opportunity to experience how companies inside those buildings create an invigorating space for their team. Bop Design is a perfect example of a company that has cultivated a bright and happy workspace. The marketing and web design agency offers services to help companies establish brand identity, create an engaging website design and utilize content marketing to drive inbound marketing leads.

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Spaces We Love: Jungo’s Chic and Modern Workspace

Jungo is the premier mortgage app for mortgage, real estate and wealth management industries, and their office at 2 Columbia Place in Downtown San Diego is the perfect environment for Jungo’s team members to connect with businesses! With more than a decade of experience, Jungo’s innovative approach to Salesforce implementation helps businesses thrive. Their motto says it all—“Innovate. Connect. Grow.”

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Spaces We Love: iProspects’ Big Move to Downtown San Diego

iProspect, one of the world’s largest digital performance marketing companies, recently moved its entire San Diego team from a suburban market to San Diego’s bustling downtown, and the space could not have turned out any better! Located on the 15th floor of 1 Columbia Place, iProspect’s new office is young, fun, creative and vibrant—and all the while sleek, professional, classy and high-end!

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Spaces We Love: Westcore’s Inviting UTC Office

We normally feature tenants on our Spaces We Love blog—but landlords can be tenants too, and in this case, Westcore’s new office at The Plaza in University Towne Centre is too gorgeous not to share!

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