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Spaces We Love: Wilson Turner Kosmo LLP’s Modern & Bright Downtown Space

Wilson Turner Kosmo, one of the largest certified women-owned law firms in California, recently moved into brand new, custom-designed office space in Emerald Plaza. It is modern, bright, and has a “law firm of the future” design aesthetic! The huge outdoor patio with views towards the San Diego Bay and Coronado are pretty nice too!

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Spaces We Love: Seer Interactive’s Inspiring & Innovative Space

Digital marketing agency Seer Interactive’s ground floor space in the urban IDEA Block of downtown is a highly creative, progressive and innovative project. Here’s a peek inside their inspiring, vibrant and Pinterest-y space!

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The Strategic Placement of Kitchens in the Workplace

There are several schools of thoughts on the placement of office kitchens and break rooms. At one end of the spectrum, businesses love the idea of a kitchen that is an inviting first impression of the space. On the other end, businesses feel as though kitchens are to be kept hidden in the back of offices. While there is no right or wrong answer to where an office kitchen should be located, there are important and strategic concepts that every business should consider to enhance the layout and culture of their workspaces!

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5 Ways to Find Balance Between Private and Open Workspace


Coworking, open concept, design aesthetic, amenitization, technology integration and…density? While the modern office space certainly incorporates these first five crucial components, the trend over the last decade is—without question—the shrinking footprint of office floorplans. Density matters!

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Spaces We Love: Smashtech’s Top of the World Headquarters

One of the most rewarding parts of helping businesses find the perfect space for their teams is watching them progress and grow over the years, and Smashtech is the perfect example! We first showcased their imaginative office in 2017. Fast forward to 2019, when they recently relocated their headquarters to the 33rd floor of a high-rise, and it turned out fantastic. All I can say is WOW!

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Spaces We Love: DiversyFund’s Sleek Downtown Workspace

Office space is not only important for a company’s success, but it is also a key component that can influence your company culture! DiversyFund’s office located downtown is a perfect example of creating a workspace that is perfect for your team to thrive!

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Spaces We Love: Visceral’s Bright and Creative Space

Design plays such an important role in business. From the functionality of your website, to branding of your company, to your office space–design is a critically valuable tool for a great first impression!

Visceral is a creative agency that crafts digital products for the world’s leading causes and socially conscious organizations. They combine design and technology to engage, influence and inspire action. Their bright and colorful office perfectly embodies their company and motto–Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand for Something! Take a look at their inspiring space!

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Spaces We Love: GoFormz’s Spacious and Modern Headquarters

Working in commercial real estate, one of my favorite moments is seeing how companies can transform their office space into something that truly inspires and motivates their teams. Amidst the high-rise buildings that line the downtown streets, companies are not only changing the idea of what ‘traditional’ office space should look like, but they are creating ways for businesses to adapt to our tech savvy world. GoFormz is the perfect example!

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Spaces We Love: KATANA’S Modern Tech Workspace

As our world increasingly becomes more technology-based, it is now, more than ever, important to adapt to the innovative and tech-savvy world. KATANA is a next-generation digital media agency for ambitious marketers worldwide whose services are built on a foundation of driving performance across all digital channels for their clients. Their office space, located in the heart of bustling downtown, is the perfect spot for the KATANA team to deliver cutting-edge results for each and every client!

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Spaces We Love: LEARN Academy’s Open and Collaborative Space

Since one of our Core Values at Hughes Marino is to pursue growth and learning, we love seeing this value in action, especially in workspaces and in classrooms! LEARN Academy’s space is no exception! LEARN Academy prepares students for the real-life aspects of a job in web development and ensures their students are supported and able to connect with future employers. Their space in the heart of downtown is modern and inspiring, and nurtures the next generation of web developers to engage in courses that help to make their visions and dreams a reality!

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