the next best thing since spanx

An old boyfriend of mine’s mom invented one of the most amazing products for women after Spanx…


polka dots

How many times do women wear our favorite heels to a wedding, graduation, or outdoor party without realizing that it takes place on grass? Our feet sink into the mushy, sometimes muddy grass with every step – and if we’re wearing light enough shoes (or suede…I’ve made that mistake before), our shoes even begin to take on a light green hue. We then spend hours delicately cleaning off our brand new Kate Spade heels after the wedding, praying that they survived the damage.


Grasswalkers solves all of these problems. I’ll admit that I’m normally one to stick with wedges for any event that requires more than a few steps out the car, but the next few months for me are packed with outdoor events and weddings. I will be purchasing at least a few pair of Grasswalkers! Plus, a portion of the proceeds benefits art education in San Diego. A great cause!

I’d just like to congratulate Sheryl for identifying an issue that women face regularly, realizing that there is a need and a market for a product like this, and executing on it. Hooray for Grasswalkers!

XO Star


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