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This last week, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event – the Lawyers Club of San Diego Annual Dinner – to support the advancement of women in the legal community (and across all industries too). I left feeling overwhelmingly inspired and grateful. Inspired to make a difference like so many of the women honored at the event. Grateful for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with – and the hard work of so many women to achieve gender equality for all.

One of the highlights of the event to me was a “Spoken Word” artist, Rudy Francisco. He presented two poems, in a way that reminded me of slam poetry back in high school, but obiously on a much higher level, and one of them left the audience speechless.

In honor of Mother’s Day month, here is “For those who remind me of my mother.”

other happy things

A 30% off sale at Banana Republic – one of my favorite stores for work clothes – not to be missed! ENDS TODAY!

banana republic

Walks down a country trail…roses galore.

country trail

My dogs’ first day at my condo downtown…yes, Riley is sleeping on a “Hello Gorgeous” pillow.


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