working girl problem: comfy flats

So, I know this isn’t a real working girl problem. But for women that walk as much as I do for my job (touring clients through office space) – and for those of us that live/work in cities (though San Diego is more of a big town) – comfortable shoes are a must.

Now I love heels as much as the next girl…though I’m much less talented at walking in them than the average girl. Unfortunately, they’re just not realistic for walking the streets of downtown San Diego. So I’ve learned to adapt.

It’s taken many, many tries at finding the most comfortable flats on the market, and here are my top picks. I hope you find them helpful!

1. Patricia Green

I bought these shoes because I was drawn to the bright pink color…but realized that these are truly the most comfortable flats I have ever put on my foot. I feel like I am floating in slippers when wearing them. The squishy sole and soft material makes it heaven for tired feet. The best part? She sells them in every color. I also have these in red. When you find a good one, stock up!


2. Elie Tahari

These Elie Tahari shoes are again a shoe worth buying twice. I have these flats in black and orange! They are incredibly comfortable, flexible, and don’t constrict the foot like most patent leather flats do.


3. Coach

I originally bought these Coach flats for their color – they seemed like the perfect flats for spring and summer! Not to mention that the inside print is amazing…I love the contrast of the leopard and blue. Coach has mastered the flat with this shoe. I’ve tried several of their flats but always ended up with blistered feet and painful walking tours. These were different – and for that reason are in my top comfy flat picks!

Blue Coach

4.Via Spiga

These Via Spiga aren’t as fun as the first three…but they make up for it in comfort! I wanted some navy, slightly more professional flats…and the femininity of these shoes put me over the edge! These too are like walking on air…and after walking miles and miles, I have yet to have a blister.

Blue Via Spiga

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs

These are the prettiest red shoes I’ve ever seen – and I feel like Dorothy every time I wear them! The black bow adds the perfect amount of class, and the shape of the shoe fits my foot perfectly. No heels sliding out. No pinched toes. This is a great investment to liven up the office!


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