diy bulletin boards

I love bulletin boards. Bulletin boards, vision boards, color boards, inspiration boards, you name it. I knew that I wanted plenty of bulletin board space in my new home – but I couldn’t believe how expensive they were!

I decided to make my own boards – three actually – for a third of the price as one board at Pottery Barn. Here’s what I did!

Bulletin Board Final

1. Buy plain wood picture frames the size you want your boards to be. I bought these for less than $5 each!

2. Hot glue a large piece of cardboard to the back of the frame.

Bulletin Board 1

3. Hot glue cork onto the cardboard inside the picture frame. I recommend this cork roll from Amazon.

4. Tape the edges of the frame. Paint frame with several layers of white paint, coating thoroughly so you can’t see the wood texture through the paint. Let dry. Do you like my pink tablecloth?

Bulletin Board 2

5. Use sandpaper to achieve a more distressed look. Lightly rub sandpaper over the frames, focusing more on the corners of the frame.

Bulletin Board 3

6. Remove tape, and hang!

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