bridal shower garland

It’s not every day that a friend of mine gets married – so when they do I love spending a little bit of extra time to make a homemade bridal shower card. It’s such a special thing to be invited to…and the card should reflect that.

I’ve seen countless cards with tiny little garlands hand stitched or glued onto the card itself (see the card I made here for my cousin’s birthday) but I have never seen a card that is actually a garland.

bridal shower garland

For this card, I cut out 9 equally-sized white cardstock squares to spell out my message, “B-R-I-D-E-T-O-B-E”, and I cut two similarly sized pink hearts to go in between each word. These squares were about 4″ by 4″, as this size easily fits in most envelopes.

garland 2

Next, in all different paper types and colors, I cut out each letter, glued that letter to a complementary colored paper (polka dots mostly!), then glued the combined sheets to each white square – some a little bit off center to add flair.

Once the cards themselves were complete, I punched holes in the top left and right corners of each piece of paper (excluding the first “B” in Bride and the last “E” in Be). Then I cut ten pieces of ribbon of equal length to string between the letters. Alternatively, you could tie all pieces with one very long piece of ribbon, but I think it looks cuter to have two bows on each letter. I used three different types of ribbons – it is a little bit more eclectic look, but I loved the mismatched colors!

The last step is to tie bows between each letter and write a note on the back of the garland. Place in envelope and deliver!

garland 3

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