my favorite things: cupcakes

Today was my C&C day – Cardio & Color – with my lovely mom, aunt, and baby cousin…who I’ve decided is the cutest little thing in the entire world. Just love her!

The four of us went on a nice walk by the beach. And everyone knows that after you engage in any exercise at all, you are deserving of a cupcake (or two, or three). On our way home from the walk, my mom and I stopped by this amazing bakery, thanks to my aunt’s excellent taste, and I just had to share the pictures with you.

If any of you have seen the movie Bridesmaids, it reminded me of Annie’s “Cake Baby” cake shop (a fantasy of mine!). And what’s even better is that the bakery is vintage-style – the girls wear vintage aprons, they serve cupcakes on vintage trays, all of the signs are vintage, and everything is perfect!

Isn’t this sign the cutest?

And this sign too?

Such a princess cupcake with a pink glitter rose on top.

Chocolate heaven.

Bumble bee chocolate cupcake with delicious honey frosting.

Mint dream dipped in chocolate.

5 Responses to my favorite things: cupcakes

  1. Angel @ | 77inspire | says:

    Star is that a cupcake stand??? for that cupcake with the pink flower on top?? Soooo cute!

    gorgeous flowers too.

  2. Nicole Maki says:

    Gosh, I just love that 15 minute parking sign. It would looks so cute on my wall.

    The jury is still out for me on cup cakes – they have same amount of cake and frosting as a cake yet they disappear in under and hour at my house… seems fishy *grin*

  3. Jean says:

    My mom ‘Bea’ would love that Bumble Bee cupcake…especially on that ‘You Are Special’ cupcake stand!

  4. Natalie says:

    This place looks amazing. On my list of places to go right now.

    Oh, I need to email you! I want you do send me your definition of beautiful, so I can plug your fun blog and your amazingness.

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