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The perfect compliment to an old-fashioned country barn wedding is right here on the beautiful beaches of California. I am so lucky to live here… especially in the 85 degrees and sunny amazing weather we’ve had this last week. I am finally getting a slight (very slight) tan. Meaning that I am no longer translucent or easily mistaken for a Twilight character. There’s something about outdoor weddings, especially somewhere as raw and serene and inspiring as the beach.

This is such a cute sign – I love the handwritten type on the beachwood.

My ideal beach wedding table settings. Such pretty pastel colors!

Love the flower arrangements!

I love this – girly and personal!

I would have never thought of this, but it makes sense! Beach weddings can get so cold!

Just gorgeous.

My obsession with twinklelights continues…

There is nothing more romantic than dancing on the beach at sunset.

All images are from one of my favorite wedding blogs, Style Me Pretty.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Another great post of your that I love. My best friend just had a beach wedding..and it was so romantic!!

    Delighted Momma

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