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This might be a little bit of Easter overkill by now, but I just had to share these homemade Easter cards I made last night while watching The Office, Community, and Modern Family. It was a big TV night at my house.

These cards are so easy to make – all they require are some white and light turquoise cards (my favorite color in case you can’t tell from the logo…and everything else on this site), a few scraps of fuzzy fabrics (I used stretch velvet), a hot glue gun (can’t live without it), and some embellishments. The embellishments I used were ribbons, mini-rosettes, and Martha Stewart’s mini pearl stickers in white. I saw them at Michael’s and just HAD to have them.

Here are the finished cards:

In case you are in need of a template for the bunny and duck fabric cutouts, I’ve posted mine below (be sure to size the templates for the card before printing):

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  1. Jess McCann Nana says:

    Love your blog!! these are adorable.

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