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There are so many times when I wish I could paint more than just roses (and very elementary, low-quality roses at that), and now is one of those times.

I found this blog, Ideal Bookshelf, in InStyle’s Valentine’s Day gift guide, and was instantly hooked. This has to be one of the cutest ideas ever.

And it got me thinking, what’s on my bookshelf?

We’ve got the captivating operations, managerial economics, and financial accounting books that I have accumulated throughout my years and years of business studies… then the Atlas Shrugged, Don Quixote, and War & Peace-type books. There are dozens and dozens of Lunch in Paris, Summer in Tuscany, Nice Girls Do, Fabulously Fashionable, and Belle in the Big Apple-type books. The chick-lit, read-on-the-beach type of books.

I tried to recreate the Ideal Bookshelf’s genius idea with a few of my favorite book titles. The keyword is tried. It’s a really poor attempt at painting my ideal bookshelf with watercolor pencils, but you get the idea!

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  1. Angel @ | 77inspire | says:

    Hi. Stumbled across your blog. It’s really cute. Loved your about page and how you wanted to be martha stewart. your pictures of when you were young baking are really cute.

    nice drawing of you ideal bookshelf.

  2. Marisa says:

    I love Ideal Bookshelf! Such a simple, lovely, and completely genius ideal. I also love the books on your ideal bookshelf! Julie & Julia is on my summer reading list this year.

    Have a marvelous weekend!

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